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Speech/Language Evaluations

If you are concerned about your little one's speech or language skills, a comprehensive evaluation is the best way to figure out your child's strengths and areas of concern. It is also the best way to determine how to meet your child's unique needs. 

During a comprehensive language evaluation, the following is assessed:

  • receptive language (what your child understands)

  • expressive language (what your child says -- with and without words)

  • pragmatic language (how your child uses language to socially interact)

Additional areas that may be evaluated include:

  • articulation (how your child says speech sounds)

  • fluency (how 'smoothly' your child speaks)

  • voice 

  • writing


1. How much are comprehensive evaluations?​

-Comprehensive assessments may include a variety of tests to evaluate speech and language skills. The specific tests used will be individualized based on your child's specific needs. Each assessment includes numerous informal and formal assessment measures, as well as input gathered from caregivers and other stakeholders (e.g., teachers, related therapists, etc.). Assessments are $350.

2. Where do evaluations take place?

-Evaluations take place in my office, however, I may ask that you provide some short video recordings of your child at home to get a clearer and more accurate picture of your child's speech/language skills.

3. What ages do you evaluate? 

- Ages 18 months to 12 years old

Please note that your child can have his/her speech/language skills assessed from birth through adulthood! Our practice simply chooses to only evaluate those between 18 months and 12 years of age. If you suspect a speech/language issue, do not wait to find a professional who can help evaluate and treat your loved one!

4. When can I expect the evaluation report after my child is assessed? 

-You can expect the evaluation report approximately 2-3 weeks after the completion of your child's assessment.

5. What payment types are accepted and when is payment due? ​

-Payments can be made via: cash, check, or credit card (please note that fees are associated with credit card payments).

-Payments are made in full prior to the start of the comprehensive evaluation. 

6. Do you provide therapy if my child qualifies for services? 

-No, we only provide the assessment, which includes proposed goal areas that a licensed speech-language pathologist may consider when providing therapy services for your child.

7. Do you accept insurance? 

-Insurance is not accepted. However, a superbill can be provided that you may submit to your insurance company to determine if they will reimburse you for the cost of the assessment.

8. How do I schedule a comprehensive evaluation? 

-The process begins with the Intake Form (see below). Complete the intake form and we will be in contact regarding scheduling. You may also email me to schedule.

Complete this Intake Form to request an assessment

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