While we specialize in serving children with special needs,

 we provide speech and language therapy for a variety of

 communication disorders!





 Receptive Language Disorder:

 A language disorder that makes it difficult to understand

 language. A child may struggle with:

     + following directions

     + identifying items (e.g., pictures, objects)


 Expressive Language Disorder:

 A language disorder that affects your child's ability to use

 language to express and share ideas, thoughts, feelings,

 and other information. A child may have difficulty with:

     + naming items

     + answering questions 

     + commenting

     + forming grammatically correct sentences






Pragmatic Language (Social Communication) Disorder:

 A language disorder that makes it hard to

 communicate with others socially. A child may find it

 difficult to:

     + understand and tell jokes

     + understand figurative language

     + engage in turn-taking during a conversation

     + maintain eye contact

     + make and keep friends







 Articulation disorder: A disorder that makes it difficult

 to produce speech sounds correctly.

     + Example: A child may substitute sounds, such 

        as saying "wabbit" instead of "rabbit"


 Phonological processing disorder: A disorder that makes

 it difficult to produce speech sound patterns accurately.

     + Example: A child may have difficulty producing sound         clusters (e.g., "st"), such as saying "-top" instead of         "stop" 







 Stuttering: A speech disorder that impacts how fluent a

 person speaks. A child may: 

     + prolong or stretch words (e.g., "sssssssstop")

     + repeat sounds/words/phrases 

     + use interjections (e.g., "um")






 We help children whose disability makes it difficult to navigate social situations by working with them and their peers in a group setting. Social skills groups incorporate fun, age appropriate activities to foster social language and social skills overall.




 We conduct comprehensive assessments to determine

 whether or not your child may benefit from

 speech/language therapy as well as to assess your child's






Language Disorders

  Speech Disorders

Fluency Disorders



+ sessions are provided in 30, 45 or 60-minute increments

+ structured parental involvement is permitted and encouraged!

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